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Tech Matters. Privacy Matters. Knowledge Matters


Tech Fog: When Technology and Power goes to people with no regard to law or privacy

Recently, an online news portal published a story on a secret app used by right wing party employees to basically automate hate distribution by manipulating social media and various illegal methods. This activity is, in my opinion, a succession of the various things the ruling party of India, BJP, did to make a divide in the society and secure their vote bank, again without any regards to law (or morality for that matter)


Explained: What is NFT?

NFT means non-fungible token which is a new application of blockchain technology, in which the ownership information of digital property is verified and authenticated. Read to know more about it


Configure ORDS for Oracle APEX on Apache Tomcat

This post describes the step which are needed additionally to use ORDS with Apache Tomcat instead of the basic ORDS standalone server. This will be done by adding the ORDS war file as a webapp in Apache Tomcat